Follow-up to the ‘Market for Help’

Lots of interesting discussion with friends and family came out of the previous blog post, here are the highlights:

  • We should specialize in the form of help we give others. What is the helper role you provide? Are you the comforter? The interrogator? The distractor? Then friends and family can come to you and know what type of help they are most likely to receive.
  • If you think someone needs help but are unable to ask for it themselves, open up to them first and even say you need their help with something to get the ball rolling.
  • On the demand side, one major barrier is that people believe they should be able to fix their problems themselves and should not need help from others.
  • The concept of the gift economy which operates on the assumption that our kindness and help will not always be returned, which is what makes help a gift.
  • We have an R U OK day, which has been an overwhelming success at normalizing difficult conversations. Should we have a similar I AM NOT OK movement?
  • Market signals are used to help transactions to occur, as mentioned with counselling, but what others could be used?
  • One market signal we use is observing others in person, such as their facial expressions or body language. With COVID we are interacting less with others in person. It is likely that demand for help is higher during lockdowns, but supply will not respond to this demand as a key market signal has been removed.

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